Fibre Optic MicroTAPs are used to monitor real-time network traffic between two points in a network infrastructure, providing an exact duplicate of the network signal, without any disruption to network activity. MicroTAPs consist of six ports:

A) 2 x Live Network In
B) 2 x Live Network Out
2 x Monitor Ports

The A and B ports collect the live traffic from the network while the monitoring ports provide a copy of the traffic to a monitoring device.

MicroTAPs are attached to the fibre optic network between two points. A full copy of the network traffic is routed 'passively' though the MicroTAP, and the 'tap' is completely transparent to the network.

Why do I need MicroTAPs ?

MicroTAPs installed on your fibre optic network guarantee 100% of packet data (including error data) is copied to your monitoring tool. MicroTAPs are never over-subscribed, as with other less reliable access methods such as a Switched Port Analyser (SPAN). Once integrated within your network, MicroTAP reliability in their passive role ensure they will never be a point of failure. Furthermore, they require no maintenance.