Unique Modular Design

The MicroTAP modular solution is designed to accommodate the widest possible variations you demand. For our unique modular system we utilise the 0.5U standard, into which we have fitted SIX MicroTAP units. This allows for a total of TWELVE single TAPS in 1U rack space.

Efficient Solutions

Using the 0.5U standard for our modular solutions proves to be a versatile and cost effective way of mixing and matching our MicroTAPS, DualTAPS and QuadTAPS. Additionally, we provide fixed chassis solutions, taking our commitment to maximising rack density even further:

Fast Analysis

Our entire range of fibre optic breakout TAPS can handle super fast fibre speeds. We are currently the only company offering products capable of handling speeds of up to 100Gb/sec

Green Credentials

Our MicroTAPS and Modular / Fixed Chassis solutions are all passive units, requiring zero power to operate - reducing running costs - and emitting no heat, which means no additional data centre cooling systems are needed